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25 May 2016, 13:02
As everyone knows, it is very important for us to have feedback from our previous years seminar to help set up training classes for the next year. These are classes we came up with for this years seminar. Sorry for being so long, but I wanted to make sure you get the details of each class.

CLASS 1- Foundation Air Brake and Brake friction
Presenter- Michael Gerrick
Company- Federal Mogul Motorsports

Here are the subjects he will cover:

• RSD – New Reduced Stopping Distance Standards, who is affected.
• The function of braking
• Brake DOT out of service criteria
• Brake Balance
• ASA – Automatic slack adjuster best practices
• Friction - How to choose the right friction material
• Basic brake noise
• Cracked Lining – Rust jacking and other causes
• Lining wear
• Brake drum best practices
• Air hose best practices

This foundation air brake session ...     [Read full article]

Please use the information below when reserving a hotel for our seminar.


new toll free number 1-866-305-4134

must give them the dates, and tell them ( new York Head mechanics ) have rooms reserved, Give the code ( NHM )

Any issues with reservation please call our contact # on the home page.

Thanks again,


22 Jan 2016, 14:51
I would like everyone to know the NY Head Mechanics Association has done it again! The Central Chapter has gone above and beyond their duties of school bus safety and went to their neighborhood to show signs of support. What was done, was an amazing act of kindness. People need to remember that doing your normal day to day activities is only a start in what we are capable of. Well done Central Chapter!! Well done. Read below and see the pictures...

The Central Chapter made a recent donation to Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital. Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital only had about 25 Play station games in their library collection. They have now increased the games for the children with 92 NEW GAMES! The Capital Chapter would like to thank all our members for their support. Maggie Zick and her staff where Really excited about the donation. They posted it on their face book page for everyone to see. Every game was labeled PROPERTY OF Golisano Childrens Hospital ( Donated by Centra...     [Read full article]

Western NY Chapter Announcement 23 Dec 2015, 10:37
I would like to take a moment and commend the hard work and generosity that the NY Head Mechanics Western chapter has achieved. I received an email this morning from Bob Boyce, the Western Chapter President stating what there chapter has done. Read below as to the specifics:

"Thank you to all who participated in our annual raffle. With your support we did very well. On December 16th The WNYHMA was pleased to give Camp Good Days and Special Times, Camp Get Away and Children's Hospital each a $1,000.00 donation along with a $500 scholarship check to a student pursuing a career as a mechanic"

It is great to see these amazing #'s. Not only is our association keeping our school buses the safest in the Country, but also giving back where there is a need in our community. I feel very privileged in leading our organization to where we are now. You should all be very proud and be able to go home with a smile on your face. Hats off to the Western Chapter..

Your president...     [Read full article]

18 Dec 2015, 14:22
This was forwarded to me from a NYAPT member. Every year they honor a school bus mechanic from New York State. I have added the attachment with this message for everyone to download in a PDF version. If you have someone in your garage that deserves the recognition please fill out and send.

Thank you.

Your president
Jason Johnson

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2016 HMA Seminar date is set 16 Dec 2015, 08:31
I am excited to announce that July 21st, 2016 is the date for our annual show at the OnCenter in Syracuse, NY. It is exciting to know that we are going to have another year of this fabulous show. Since the end of the show in July, we have been in the works to get the 2016 show up and running. I was very impressed with what the OnCenter offered us and can't wait for next years show. I have met with the board of directors for our association and they as well are pleased with how the event took place. We also met to discuss how we can make this upcoming year even better. I will keep you posted on how we are progressing.

I also wanted to everyone know, I have been going to different chapter meetings through out the state and have been able to meet some great people and hear some great discussions. If anyone would like me to be involved in their monthly meeting please let me know. Thanks again for keeping our Organization running strong.

Your President
Jason Johnson

16 Oct 2015, 09:27
As your President of this association I would like to first apologize for not doing a better job at keeping this forum up to date. I like everyone else have been very busy with the new year as well as numerous other things. I also want to thank everyone that had a part in making last July show a huge success. Unlike other shows in our state dealing with schools our show keeps growing at leaps and bounds. This would not of happened with out everyone's support and word of mouth. As we look into the future we will look to continue or grow and make every year a success. I am in the process of meeting with our board of directors and setting up the new date for next year and making it even better. I think part of our success last year was moving to a different location. Behind the scenes it was hectic, but as usual we pulled together and did a excellent job. Our show is getting national attention from numerous vendors and more company's that want to do be apart of it. I will als...     [Read full article]

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