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October Head Mechanics seminar

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Post 03 Nov 2011, 15:46
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Capital Area Head Mechanics’ Association
Hi to you all hope ever body had a good start to a new school year.We even got through a hurricane some places hit really hard in this area of the state. The year as you can see is moving right along. We finally got are first training seminar in on October 27th. Sponsors were Farrell Oil Company and Hastings oil filters. The topics were Lubrications 4k spray cleaning and other chemicals to disinfect and clean your buses from stem to stern And the different lubricants for your hinges and moving parts including a long line of products for waxing to cleaning solutions for the interior and the exterior of your buses including paint for the seats of the bus.. Art Schrum was the speaker for these products. Charile Marra was the rep. for the Hasting filters He explained how the filters were built and the changes that have taken place over the years to produce a better filter. After the meeting the executive board and the steering committee had a short meeting discussing the upcoming events. For the month of November we will be having a seminar on the care of tires covering how to torque and why it is necessary to torque them proper tire pressure and proper maintenance of the tires that carry our most precious cargo. On December 2nd we will be hosting our 11th annual Christmas party at the Holiday Inn at Saratoga. On December, 20th we will be sitting down with NYS DOT at a round table meeting to discuss issues that we may have Rusty Seastrum will be the spokesman for DOT. We in the Capital Are wish all of our fellow members across the state a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving’ Just a reminder don’t drink and Drive.

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