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June 18, 2009 Meeting Minutes

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Location: 22 Bus Garage Lane, Malone, NY 12953
Adirondack Northern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association
June 18, 2009 Meeting

President: Mike Foley/Brushton-Moira CSD Vice President: Craig Szatkowski/ARC Clinton County
Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Howard/Malone CSD
Meeting Place, Date & Time:
Meeting was held at Malone CSD, Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 9:30am.

Meeting Called to Order/Pledge to the Flag:
Mike Foley called the meeting to order at 9:34am.

Members Present:
Mike Foley/Brushton-Moira CSD
Roy Cook/Herman-Dekalb CSD
Bob Wagstaff/St. Lawrence CSD
Bryan Loeb/Malone CSD
Mark Leahy/Malone CSD
John LaTulipe/Salmon River CSD
David Tavernia/Malone CSD
David Savage/Salmon River CSD
Pat King/Malone CSD
Todd Lambert/ Edwards-Knox CSD
Mary Howard/Malone CSD
Bill Parnapy/Malone CSD
Dominic Barse/NYAPT North
Kevin Coon/NY Bus Sales
Tim Randall/Parishville-Hopkinton CSD

Last Month’s Minutes:
There were none as April’s meeting was canceled.

Treasurer’s Report:
Mary Howard gave report: Beginning balance $1523.30-Income for the month (member dues/interest on account) $0-Expenses for the month $0-Ending balance $1523.30. Motion made to accept as read by Bob Wagstaff, 2nd by Roy Cook.

Old Business:

New Business:
*”Get Well” wishes go out to Nick Crane who recently suffered a heart attack and is now recovering at home.
*Voting of Officers-Mike Foley/President-Craig Szatkowski/Vice President-Mary Howard/Secretary-Treasurer. Motion made to have the secretary cast one ballot and have the polls be closed by Bob Wagstaff, 2nd by Dave Tavernia.
*2009-2010 dues need to be paid by July 1, 2009 so I can send them to the State.
*Meeting schedule for 2009-2010. The 3rd Thursday of every other month. I have attached a copy-please print and post.
*Summer Seminar Picnic-This year Kevin Coon with NY Bus Sales and NYAPT North are going to sponsor our picnic. The seminar will consist of Ricon Lift Operation, Cummins Engines and Propane Buses. This will be held at Malone Central Bus Garage on Thursday, August 20, 2009 starting at 8:00am. The seminar will take approximately three hours and then we will have the picnic.

Round Table:
*Discussion on True Balance Wheel Centering Kit and how helpful it is for adjusting front tires on the Freightliners and C-2’s. #A-1339 $200.00 from Matthews Bus Parts.
*Discussion on Blue Bird’s bolts on the torch arm missing.
*Malone Central has a loaner propane bus from New York Bus Sales which was put on the hoist for everyone to check out.

Next Meeting Date:
*Summer Seminar Picnic-August 20, 2009 @ Malone Central Bus Garage at 8:00am.

Meeting Adjourned:

Any errors or changes to this information should be directed to:
Mary Howard-Secretary/Treasurer
Malone CSD
22 Bus Garage Lane
Malone, NY 12953

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