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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Department.
• In attendance: Brad Jacobs (CVCSD) / Jeff Corey (NYSDOT) / Bob Carey (NYSDOT) retired / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Todd Dobish (WCSD) / Rick Crowe (NYBS-Whitney Point) / Matt Wheeler (NYBS W.P.) / Steve Klock (NYBS W.P.) / Jim Hogan (LBS) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD).
• Brad brought our meeting to order by introducing John Johnston of New York Bus Sales. John spoke on the use of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) in relation to Blue Bird Buses. John gave us a component by component break down of all system components, as well as the use of sensors and modules to monitor the system function and operation.
• The purpose of this system is emission related as 2010 emission standards require a 90% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) from previous 2002 standards. This is accomplished by injecting a small amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the engines exhaust just ahead of a catalyst which reacts with the ammonia contained in the DEF producing nitrogen and water at the tail pipe.
• DEF fluid is a 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water mixture. Blue Bird uses a 15 gallon urea tank so filling and top off can be timed at regular service intervals and is consumed at a rate of approximately 2 %.of fuel consumption.
• Routine maintenance of the SCR system only requires replacing a 10 micron filter every 200,000 miles. The SCR system will not change your current maintenance schedule of oil, fuel, or cooling system .
• There will also be a DEF level gauge on the dash for driver use. As fluid falls below a critical level a low DEF warning lamp will illuminate, if the system is not filled a flashing warning lamp will illuminate. Beyond this point if the DEF tank is not filled in addition to a flashing DEF warning lamp there will also be a amber check engine lamp accompanied by a loss of power and road speed as the engine derates. If not corrected by filling the DEF tank, eventually the operator will see a Red stop engine lamp and will be limited to a speed of 5mph.
• Blue Bird Buses come with all service and operator manuals on CD.
• This concluded NYBS presentation.
• Brad the asked all present for input for topics for future meetings.and a general discussion was held. This concluded our meeting at approx. 11:45.
• Our next meeting will be held at J.C.’s bus facility on Sept. 20th. This is the 3rd. Tuesday of the Month.
• Have a good summer and a safe opening day of school, see you all Sept.20th.

Cliff Halliday
HMA So. Tier Chapter

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