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A good description of School bus technicians

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Below is a great article concerning the job and importance of a school bus technician, and might want to be used when when working on contracts or facing cuts in the Transportation Dept:

Mechanics & technicians School bus mechanics have a responsibility every bit as profound as commercial airline mechanics. Every morning, when the buses roll out of the yard, children's safety depends entirely on the diligence and professionalism of the operation's mechanics. The prospect of an accident caused by poor maintenance is something even the most hard-boiled school bus mechanic dreads.Years ago, the main requirements for being a school bus mechanic were basic mechanical skills and the willingness to work hard. Today, constant technological innovations from manufacturers (computerized drive trains, emission controls, etc.) have made ongoing professional development an absolute necessity for school bus mechanics.Range of responsibilitiesAs challenging as it is, for most school bus mechanics "turning a wrench" is the easy part. Responsibilities of the maintenance program range from handling breakdowns and making repairs, scheduling and documenting preventive maintenance, parts purchasing and inventory control, "specing" new buses, prompt attendance to voluntary or mandatory vehicle or equipment recalls to compliance with a wide range of OSHA and environmental regulations.In small school districts and contract operations, a single mechanic may be responsible for every aspect of the maintenance program. These individuals have to be some of the hardest working people on the planet. In larger operations, the lead mechanic is responsible not only for maintaining vehicles, but managing a staff of line mechanics or driver-mechanics, with all the challenges any supervisory position involves.

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