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Post 06 May 2012, 12:21

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I will be attending a partners meeting in Albany on May 17th and will update everyone on what is happening when I get back, mean while drop me an email if you have any important issues you would like brought up while I am there.
The Summer Seminar Committee had a meeting and finalized the plans for the summer seminar, we will be updateing the website and flyers very soon. We limited the vendor area to 40 vendors due to space, so if you know any vendors wishing to attend, please tell them to register soon, it will be first come first serve and spaces are filling fast. Due to our success last year and to show support to the many vendors that support us, we lowered our vendor tables to $400 this year. We are already getting in mechanic registrations and if you haven't registered, please do so soon.
We are having our annual board of directors meeting on May 22nd at the Liverpool transportation center at 10 am so I can fill everyone in what is going on in Albany, also we have elections on the agenda along with discussions on the future of our association, DOT, seminar and other things that will come up. All past and present Chapter presidents are considered board members and encouraged to attend.
From the emails, phone calls and information from meetings I have attended, this upcoming year is the toughest budget year yet, with many position cuts in transportation across the state, many long time dedicated school bus technicions being told they no longer have a job come July 1 or hours being cut or being told they now have to drive a bus route along with trying to maintain a safe fleet. Along with school mergers no longer being gossip but schools starting the long procedure to make it happen. More than ever our association is needed and to work together to keep our students safe on safe busses and we will have to count on our neighbor mechanics for assistance in time of need. It is more important now then ever to become involved in your local association for support and to keep informed on what is happening.

Have a safe week and I will post again right after my meeting in Albany

State nyhma President
Harlan Pudney Jr
Head mechanic Dryden Central School

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