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2016 Seminar Classes

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As everyone knows, it is very important for us to have feedback from our previous years seminar to help set up training classes for the next year. These are classes we came up with for this years seminar. Sorry for being so long, but I wanted to make sure you get the details of each class.

CLASS 1- Foundation Air Brake and Brake friction
Presenter- Michael Gerrick
Company- Federal Mogul Motorsports

Here are the subjects he will cover:

• RSD – New Reduced Stopping Distance Standards, who is affected.
• The function of braking
• Brake DOT out of service criteria
• Brake Balance
• ASA – Automatic slack adjuster best practices
• Friction - How to choose the right friction material
• Basic brake noise
• Cracked Lining – Rust jacking and other causes
• Lining wear
• Brake drum best practices
• Air hose best practices

This foundation air brake session will cover the new (RSD) Reduced Stopping Distance standards, who is affected. What is the basic function of braking, brake DOT out of service criteria, brake balance, ASA – automatic slack adjuster best practices. Brake friction basics- How to choose the right friction material. Basic brake noise, cracked brake lining – rust jacking and other causes of cracked brake lining. Trouble shoot lining wear, brake drum best practices, and air hose best practices.

Mike Gerrick has worked for Federal Mogul Motorparts for the past 13 years, but has been in the heavy duty truck industry for 38 years. Federal Mogul Motorparts is the manufacturer of Abex friction products. Mike attended Youngtown State University but started his career in the trucking industry as a mechanics helper working his way through the ranks to service manager. He specializes in wheel end components. Mike transitioned from service to sales and eventually to a manufacturer’s representative. Mike has provided training in many venues as well as fortune 500 companies such as UPS, Yellow Freight and Ryder.

Class 2- Propane in the School Bus
Presenter- Michael Taylor
Company- Autogas Business Development w/Propane Educational and Research council

Seminar is on the advancements of propane in the School Bus. There will also be representation from Leonard Bus, New York Bus Sales, and Mathews Bus on hand to help with individual questions associated to the buses.

Michael Taylor joined PERC in March 2012 as the Director of Autogas Business Development. Michael’s primary role focuses on maintaining the sustainable growth of propane autogas vehicles in the U.S. through the continuous development of state of the art certified fuel system technologies coupled with successful commercialization practices and the development of vehicle support systems provided by key strategic partnerships.

Prior to joining PERC, Michael served as Director of Fleet Management at Heritage Propane from 2008-12. Recognized as one of the top 50 U. S. fleets with over 5,000 vehicles deployed daily, Michael played a key role in defining and establishing corporate policies and processes for vehicle specifications, procurement, operations and replacement practices for the Heritage Propane fleet.

In 1985, Michael Taylor started his transportation career with Blue Bird, a major North American school bus manufacturer. His 22-year career included appointments to corporate sales and marketing positions and a 2-year stint as dealer principal in Indiana.

As a propane industry volunteer, Michael served as chairman of the PERC Engine Fuel Advisory Committee from 2008-2011 and co-chairman of the Research and Technology Development Working Group from 2011-2012 prior to accepting his position as PERC Director. Both groups played key roles in funding the development of the certified propane autogas fuel systems available in the market today.

Class 3

Air Disc Brake Seminar
Presented by Kevin Pfost- Coordinator Technical Services
Company- Bendix USA

Description- Maintenance and trouble shooting on the Disc Brake applications for School Buses

Class 4

Accessory Belt Drive Systems and Contaminated Coolant Failures Seminar
Presented by Lisa Henkel
Company- Gates Corporation


Correct Tension is Critical – Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS)

• Thinking about the system as a whole, not just one component
• Why one belt is better than another (not a sales pitch, but a quality within our own products)
• Changes to ABDS systems over time
• Easy tests to do to determine which component is actually the issue
• Effects of mis-diagnosis

Contaminated Coolant Creates Failure

• Thinking about the system as a whole, not just one component
• Coolants; effects of contaminated coolant
• New coolant testing for today’s coolants
• Water pumps & radiators: common failures
• Thermostats and Radiator caps
• Proper flushing techniques
Jason Johnson

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