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Post 20 Oct 2016, 13:48

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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had a great start to the school year, and by now I hope that everything is calming down and getting back to normal. I wanted to update everyone on a few things that I have going on this school year. Starting in November, I am going to try to get to at least one meeting in each chapter. What I need from everyone, is their dates, locations and times of their classes throughout the school year. Looking at our front page, I do see some chapters that are posting their classes witch is a great thing. I think it is very important that we as an association keep our classes and activities all based towards the school bus industry as well. I am also noticing that our Association is still growing at a fast rate. We need to make sure that in these meetings, that we never get back to the old lingo of Coffee and doughnuts and then go home. It is important that we stay ahead of the curve at all times. We have had in the past year or two, a large rate of retirements going on, so it is very important that we never forget about the basics of Mechanics. We also want to make sure that we are reaching out to neighboring districts that have the new guys and helping where we can. Even if its a call to see how things are going, or inviting them to our monthly meetings. Remember, we are all in this together, and we should all strive to keep the buses as the safest mode of transportation on the road. I also wanted to let everyone know, there is no updated news from the partners group. This is the group that many DOT officials and numerous agency's from across NY meet and share info on the School bus field. When we do have a meeting, I will be posting my info on this site to let everyone know where we stand and if there is any news with DOT to share.

Thanks again to everyone for doing such a good job and I will be in touch soon!!

Your President
Jason Johnson
607-739-5601 Ext 4506
Jason Johnson

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