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Post 15 Dec 2016, 07:36

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I wanted to give everyone an update on my last partners meeting held in Albany on Dec 8th, 2016

Updates were on:

Bus net system
Retirement of inspectors
Larry Scotto accepting a new position
DOT profiles
Seat belt initiative
accessories added to bus that may not be in compliance with DOT

Bus Net system- 1. As of right now it is still in the works. They are looking at a prototype in the next couple weeks to try.
2. after that more internal testing
3. Then they will move on to field staff training and working the bugs out of system
4. fine tuning
5. There thoughts were to go live with the new version sometime late next year 2017

New System info:
Web based system inspection program
Inspectors will use a Ipad mini 4
Inspections will be scheduled via email notifications
No more paper inspections
After inspection completed, the reports will be electronically transmitted by email and eventually via new portal.
:Something's to think about:
All school districts must a have a email address. ( designated person) to receive all DOT paperwork.
You must keep DOT file up to date with any changes
Closely coordinate, review rooster w/inspector to make sure your district info is up to date.
Dot would like to use your Wifi if available, they will have their own, but incase their is no signal at your facility.

Annual profiles:
Out-of-service rates in New York State were level in 2015-2016. The overall rate of 6.4% out-of-service meant that 93.6% of all inspections showed that buses were road-worthy and met strict DOT inspection standards.

Years ago, this rate was double the current level. Thanks to the wonderful work you as Mechanics and the DOT inspectors are doing to keep it at a low level
The number of operators who are penalized for failing to comply has reduced from 15 last year to only 6 in the past year.

Seat Belt issues:

No news yet of requiring lap and shoulder belts for our school buses. There is some news on non school bus vehicles, but it really does not pertain to us.

Reviewing some compliance on seat belt failures:
If we have a broken seatbelt or missing belt, it is cited as a B defect. B defects do not hinder our Out of service rates.

Accessories on school buses:
Rusty Seastrum stated that we need to be careful putting any extra accessories on our buses. We need to make sure they are approved by DOT before they are put on. There has been some companies trying to sell products in the past to put on our buses that were in compliance with DOT.

That's it for now.

Your President
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson

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