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NYHMA History 1989 to 2012

Read about NYHMA and learn how and why it was started and events leading up to present day

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After the Association Incorporated and formed state wide association with Chapters in all regions of the state. The work of a lot of people was instrumental in fulfilling the purpose and goals outlined in our bylaws. This included providing training, education, and a forum for disseminating information to our members, bus drivers, and transportation supervisors, and the school transportation industry in New York State. Improving relationships and communication with NYSDOT, Dept. of Education and school bus, parts, and vehicle manufactures. All in the interest of Safe school bus transportation.
The following timeline will be used to show the people that were involved over the years and some highlights of their activities.
Bob Molinari President of the Rochester Chapter became State President and served 4 years.
He established a working relationship with NYAPT board of directors and provided a workshop at their annual conference and bus rodeo.
He along with the board of directors organized our 1st State Conference in Syracuse in 1989. Members who were involved were John Crofoot, Don Divet, Leo Knausenberger, Biil Bird, Don Tavner, Norm Wagner, Joe Kruger, Walt Cherry, Tom Wentworth, Bob Duquette, Red Falcone, Charlie Rider, and Ken Trautman.
Printing of a statewide newsletter.
Bob Duquette President of the Central Chapter became State President and served 10 years.
Established the current Summer Safety and Training Seminar in Syracuse on a Central Chapter level with the participation of the Southern Tier Chapter with the help of members of the central Chapter, Don Divot and Rick West.
In 1996 with the work of the following members Tom Wentworth, Butch Clement, John Egretis, Randy Poplawski, Lacey Griep, Harlan Pudney, Jim Oot, and George Toper reestablished statewide attendance to the Summer Seminar.
Harlan Pudney President of the Central Chapter became State President and served 11 years.
He established the current website and modernized the communication abilities our organization.
He continued to grow the summer Seminar into the premier school bus mechanics education venue with the participation of vendors, NYSDOT, NYSDMV, and other school transportation related entities.
Notable members that served during his tenure are as follows: Rick West, Bob Damewood, Rick Drum, Jason Lawrence, Eddie Angell, Lacey Greips, Kevin Dattler, Keith Sutliff, Don Brown, Tom Scott, and Dan Elderbroom
Today the NYHMA continues to grow and fulfill its original mission of providing its members with communication, information, education and relationships with government and industry to promote the safety of school bus transportation through out New York State.
This is made possible by all the dedicated members that came before and will continue well into the future, by their example and participation the NYHMA will continue to grow and fulfill its commitment to safe pupil transportation.

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