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PTS transmission problems

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Post 21 Jun 2006, 18:37

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Product Effected – Units with Allison PTS Transmission
Complaint: Driver notices a “driveline” vibration +/or a noise coming from the area of the rear axle.
Cause: Upon actually replacing one rear third member in a unit and still having an issue it was found that the transmission was the actual cause of the complaint. The issue with the transmission has been found to be the thrust bearings +/or the planetary gear.
Correction: If you have a unit experiencing this issue, first try driving to determine there is a definite issue. Once it is determined to have an issue try shifting through the gears manually. If the issue does not present itself while manually shifting then there is a greater possibility of the issue being in the transmission.
In many cases, Allison is requesting the unit be towed to the nearest facility instead
of causing further internal damage - Please contact them for guidance
Your New York State Allison Dealers are-
Penn Detroit Diesel/Allison Atlantic Detroit Diesel/Allison
Syracuse NY 315-451-3840 Albany NY 518-452-0000
Rochester NY 585-232-6610 Saugerties NY 845-247-8045
Buffalo NY 717-823-7242
CHITTENANGO – phone the Service Department at 800-962-5768 or email
Daryl Wallace : dwallace@newyorkbussales.com
Brian Lamaitis : blamaitis@newyorkbussales.com
ROCHESTER – phone the Service Department at 800-463-3232 or email
Dan Quibell : dpquibell@newyorkbussales.com
Gary Chichester: gchichester@newyorkbussales.com
ALBANY – phone the Service Department at 866-867-1100 or
Steve Searles: ssearles@newyorkbussales.com

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